Common FAQ's

What is Rent To Own?

Rent To Own or Lease Purchase is a quick budget-friendly way to make your home space your own. The transaction provides for ownership purchase flexibility on consumer household products with low weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments with no down payments or formal credit checks, allowing you to get the products you need and want for your home now.  Pay your rental/lease payments according to the terms of your contract and at the end your gain ownership of the product.  Take advantage of our early purchase options, such as our 120 days Same As Cash or early purchase option (EPO) and own the items faster and save money on the lease/cost of rental charges.  All rental/lease renewal payments are applied towards ownership.

How Do I Get Home Products I Need and Want?

It's easy.  You choose the household item, simply complete an online or in-person application.  Provide your proof of identity (Recognized ID), proof of residency (Lease Agreement or current Utility Bill) with your name and address on it, and most recent proof of income and we will do the rest.  Nations staff will verify the information on the application and other items provided are correct to ensure accuracy and identity. Nations never charges processing fees.

Do I Need Credit?

No.  Nations does not pull credit checks via credit bureaus, but we do verify your residency, income, identity, and everything on the application.  We do not report your transaction to credit bureaus, this is not a credit transaction, it is a rental purchase. 

Is There an Early Purchase Option?

Nations does have a cash purchase and early purchase option for products with terms longer than 6 months.  At any time, you can pay the remaining cash price, plus tax, and any applicable fees and you can own the item.  Each rental/lease purchase item generally comes with a 120 day Same-As-Cash Option.  Which means that you must make regular weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments, but if you pay the original cash price, plus taxes, and any fees, within the first 120 days, you will not pay lease/cost of rental charges and take ownership of the product.

Is Delivery and Installation Included?

Nations is the industry leader in customer relationships and service. Product pricing on all are items are clearly priced and in-stock products are eligible for delivery in 24 hours or less. *  Custom orders are available.  Most items include installation; however, Nations staff does not install gas, water, anti-tip devices, or exhaust lines to related products. Installation also excludes any product that needs to be hung or installed on or in walls, ceilings, or windows.  Ask store associate for more information.  

* Delivery only occurs during normal store business hours.  Seasonal delivery times will occasionally change. Actual delivery times may vary for reasons that include but are not limited to time to process application, day of order, time of order, items ordered, availability at time of order, or store location in relation to delivery site.

Is Service Included and Product Warranty?



Nations will provide all necessary service, repair, or replacement, with free loaners (as necessary) at no additional charges to you during the rental period.  Upon notice to Nations that service is needed, we will arrange for repair or replacement of the product.  If we cannot repair the property within a reasonable period, we will provide a “loaner” at no cost to you. We strive to ensure the rental/lease product is in good working order during the rental/lease term.  However, nations will not be responsible for service or repairs if it is determined that the product service or repair needs are due to intentional, willful, wanton, or negligence conduct.  Lessee has the duty to care and maintain the product. (See the contract for further details)


Product Warranty

Nations will warranty all products by the same terms of the manufacturers original express warranty during the entire rental/lease term.  If allowed by the terms of the Manufacturer’s warranty, Nations will transfer any unexpired manufacture’s express warranty covering the rental/lease product whenever you acquire ownership of the rental/lease product.  At the time of final payment/purchase of the rental/lease product, extended warranties may be available for purchase.  Ask as store associate for details.


Consumer Notice

This transaction is advertised as a rental-purchase agreement (rent-to-own agreement, consumer rental-purchase agreement or a rental/lease-purchase agreement in Arizona).  During the rental purchase/lease purchase contract period, you are renting/leasing the property.  You do not have any ownership interest or equity in the property at all and you will not be transferred ownership of the property until you make all of the regularly scheduled payments or use the early purchase option (EPO).  You do not have the right to keep the property if you do not make the required payments or do not exercise the early purchase options (EPO).  Ownership in this transaction is completely optional.  Read your contract for complete details

Some product availability and pricing may vary by store and is subject to supply and demand. Advertised offers good while supplies last and cannot be combined together or with any other promotions. Product(s), condition, availability, and selection may vary by location.  See Store associate for complete details.